06 How to Break a Habit

How to Break a HabitDo you ever feel like you can’t break that habit that has been plaguing you all your life?

In today’s podcast we’ll talk about three steps you can take if you want to break your habit.

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    • says

      Thanks, Floyd. I thought of saying, you’re going to have to renew your mind a million times but decided that might be a big exaggerated. It just feels like a million times sometimes. :)

  1. Christina Smith says

    This is so good, Barb! I have some more habits I need to work on. I have the Facebook boundary in place and I follow it most of the time, but I need to set a boundary for checking email as well. And I think I need to set a time limit for time I’m on the computer. And maybe a boundary for writing. Ha! It’s been on my heart. I’m also working on my habit of putting my phone in the drawer (with the ringer on) and using it more like a phone when my children are awake (when I need to focus on them instead of my phone). Thank you for sharing these truths! I think this is my favorite podcast thus far!

    • says

      That’s so great that you’re following your Facebook boundaries. I bet it wouldn’t be that hard to add emails to it since you already have the first one established. Are you thinking of setting a boundary for writing to make yourself write or stop yourself from writing too much?

      • Christina Smith says

        I wouldn’t mind setting a boundary of giving myself time to write, but also a limit on how much time I spend writing each day. I don’t get to write each day right now though, so maybe it’s not time for a boundary yet. I’ll have to think/pray about it more.

        • says

          It’s interesting how both issues can be a problem, isn’t it? I have struggled with both on and off, although in the beginning it was like torture just to write 15 minutes even. I’m so glad i enjoy it now!

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      I just realized how tricky that is to find. You click on the link in the post where it says “Listen on iTunes” and then you have to click a little button on the left that says “view on iTunes,” and then when you get to the podcast in iTunes, you can click on a tab that says “Rating and Review.” Thanks, Christina – I appreciate you leaving a review (or rating)!

    • says

      Thanks, Caleb. Also, I wanted to tell you, I just received your book in the mail from Amazon. It looks great! Now I’ll be able to read it again in print. What font did you use for the type? I like it!

        • says

          Thanks, Caleb. I might have one designed at some point. With all of my previous ones, I designed them myself, which means there really wasn’t much design to them. :)

          • says

            You must have a good eye for design because your books all look great, although I’ve never seen the interior of the print versions. I know myself and I know that it wouldn’t look good at all if I designed it!

  2. says

    I love your concept of keeping accountability partners who will hold us accountable not for crossing our boundaries but for renewing our mind when we feel tempted to do so. That’s pretty significant. Love that.

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