Weight Loss Bible Study Starts Today

I don’t know how many years I put “Lose X number of pounds” on my new year’s resolution list and then failed to reach my goal. Too many to count! If that’s on your list this year, I wanted to share a great resource that can help you lose weight.

My friend Heidi is starting a weight loss Bible study on her blog today, complete with encouraging daily blog posts, live webinars, a Facebook group, and a renewing of the mind emphasis. Last time I talked to her, she had almost 300 signed up so it should be a fun and lively group!

If you’re interested, here is the link with the information: Thin Within Bible Study.¬†You can also download the first week of the study for free there. Heidi teaches a hunger only approach to eating, but because she has a renewing of the mind emphasis, I’m thinking it would be helpful even if you have different boundaries.

I am also guest posting on Heidi’s blog today. For the record, the middle picture on her blog was taking many years ago, after I first lost weight – I do not look that young today! As you already know if you’ve seen other pictures of me. :)

Hope you are all enjoying the new year!! I still have 3 out of 4 of my kids at home so I am really enjoying it!


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      Thanks, Loren. Hope you have a good year, too! I think the weight was about 25 pounds total – I can’t remember exactly how much except that I got my 20% Weight Watcher’s pin (losing 20% of your total body weight). But I’m only 5’1 1/2 so 25 pounds is a lot for me.

  1. Betty Draper says

    Thanks Barb for the link. My husband has lost 50 pound in the last six months with weight watchers, I am so proud of him. I need to lose weight too but can’t seem to bring myself to join weight watchers or any diet plan…but I am going to check out this link because I know I need some help losing. We travel a lot due to our ministry so there are times my routine is totally over turned. But I do love the encouragement that comes from yours and others post that I visited. My soul is refreshed and challenged so maybe blogging with others who are on the same page is the way to go. Thanks again for the link,.

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      Wow, 50 pounds is so much – good for him! I know what you mean about going on a diet. It’s so hard to make that decision to invite suffering into your life! :) I think it would be great to join Heidi’s group. She has a great community plus Heidi is such an encourager. And it’s always fun to read the guest posters on the blog. They also have a free app out that looks interesting.

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