05 Breaking Habits: An Attitude That Keeps Us Stuck

Breaking Habits An Attitude That Keeps Us StuckIn this episode of the Christian Habits Podcast, we’ll talk about an attitude that keeps us from breaking our habits. 

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  1. Floyd says

    You said it all when you talked about living by “feelings and emotions”, that sums up the biggest issue in our society today. It’s no longer about principles and characteristics that we use to overrule our emotions when needed.

  2. says

    Culture can be very difficult to see beyond. We tend to want to make the Bible fit our culture. I thing one of the best ways to see beyond our culture and ask if this is really what the Bible says is to spend some time in a different culture.

    • says

      I haven’t done much of that, Caleb, but I would love to. I think it would be really fascinating to go spend a month in a church of 12 different countries just to see the differences. I’m sure you’d notice them from both living in the culture and also from interacting with the church members.

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