How to Let Go of Regret and “If Only” – Option Charts

How to Let Go of Regret and "If Only"Do you ever say, “If only I hadn’t messed up”? Or “If only life were easier”? Or “If only I had made a different choice?” Or “If only I were more like so-and-so?”

So often we live in the land of “if only” and “I should have.” This is not a pleasant place to live.

Not only does this sap our energy and make us constantly discontent with life, it also keeps us from looking at our real-life options. Continue reading

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Interview with The Precipice Author, TC Avey

THE PRECIPICE_coverToday I have the pleasure of bringing you an interview with my friend TC Avey, who just published her first book this week.

I first got to know TC when she was doing a great series on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book, The Cost of Discipleship at her blog. TC has a gift for taking large amounts of information and distilling it into a nutshell. She does this with both books and political events.

If you’re interested in politics, you’ll enjoy her quarterly newsletter which you can sign up for at her blog,  Wisdom of a Fool. Continue reading

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10 Things to Thank God For When You’re Trying to Lose Weight

10 Things to Thank God For When You're Trying to Lose WeightLet me ask you a question. When you’re trying to lose weight, do you usually wake up in the morning, all excited about the process?

Do you think about how great it will be to lose that weight?

How good it will feel to fit into those clothes you’ve been wanting to fit into?

How wonderful it will be to break free from a habit that has been plaguing you for years?

Or do you instead wake up and think, Oh no, another day of depriving myself? If only I could eat what I want today, life would be so much better! Continue reading

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How to Truth Journal

The following is an excerpt from one of the daily studies in Taste for Truth: A 30 Day Weight Loss Bible Study

Truth JournalingOften people advocate the use of journaling as a way to clear the air. To get all those bad thoughts out of our system so they don’t poison us.

Truth journaling is different.

You’re still spilling your thoughts out, but for the purpose of examining them and bringing them captive to the truth. Continue reading

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When Life is Boring: 10 Questions & 9 Bible Verses


Backpacking with our kids years ago.

I’m a big fan of excitement. I love relationships. I love adventure. And I love travel.

So when I became a stay-at-home mom 26 years ago and eventually a homeschool mom, I wasn’t really well-suited to the job. Continue reading

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Breaking a Habit: When You Don’t Feel Like Setting Boundaries

Breaking a Habit: When you don't feel like setting boundariesOne of the biggest hurdles in breaking a habit is getting to the point where you’re willing to set boundaries with that habit.

After all, what if you have the perfect opportunity to practice your habit and you have to miss out on it because of some pesky old boundaries?

Let’s face it. We want to keep our options open.

So how do we change? How do we get to the point where we’re willing to say, “Alright, I’m going to set some boundaries here. I may not be able to keep them, but I’m at least going to try.” Continue reading

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10 Tips to Help You Stop Procrastinating

10 Tips to Help You Stop ProcrastinatingDo you ever find yourself putting off a dreaded task for weeks or even months or years? I have been known to procrastinate a ten minute job for ten years. Thankfully, I’m getting a little bit better.

Here are ten tips I’ve been using to help me stop procrastinating. Hope they help you as well!

1. Break your project into smaller tasks.

When I start a new project, I open a new note in Evernote for the project and break it down into small steps with a little box to check each step off to complete it. This helps me right from the beginning to just focus on one step at a time. Continue reading

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