13 Questions to Ask Before You Give Advice

13 Questions to Ask Before You Give AdviceDo you ever find yourself giving too much advice? I do.

It’s one of those things I’ve wanted to change, but haven’t been able to.

So when I had to choose a renewing of the mind project to test out my new book (which will be out in January!), I decided to do a “stop giving so much advice” project.

I wrote the questions below to renew my mind with and they’ve really been helping. Continue reading

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16 Help for Depression: Part 2

Help for DepressionYou know those days when life feels terrible?

Whether it’s a day of depression or an ongoing battle, today’s podcast will give you some ideas of how to cope with depression.

This is part two of my interview with Betty Mullaney, who also struggles with depression. Together we brainstorm ways to deal with it.

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Online Weight Loss Bible Study Begins Soon

Blank white book w/pathHi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that Karon Ruiz,  will facilitate an online Taste for Truth Bible study beginning November 17, 2014.

This is a private Facebook group and you would need to send Karon Ruiz a friends request and a message letting her know you want to sign up.

It’s a free class, but participants will need to purchase Taste for Truth: A 30 Day Weight Loss Bible Study. This is available in Kindle or paperback.  Since there is writing to do each day, the workbook might be easier to use. Continue reading

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Perfectionism: Bible Verses and Questions That Will Help

Perfectionism- 10 Questions and 5 Bible Verses That Will Help You Break FreeDo you ever feel like you have to be perfect?

Do you ever make things harder than they need to be because you want things to be perfect?

Do you ever agonize over decisions because you want that perfect outcome?

If so, these questions and Bible verses will help you let go of your perfectionism, finish your projects, make your decisions, and start enjoying life as an imperfect person!

Ironically, I’ve been working on “perfecting” these questions for the last several years. Continue reading

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15 Help for Depression with Betty Mullaney

1096255363461Interview with Betty Mullaney.

Today I’m excited to share the first (very short) part of an interview I had with Betty Mullaney.

To listen on iTunes: click here

Betty first wrote me a  couple of months ago, asking if I had ever considered writing a Bible study on depression. Continue reading

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14 3 Habits That Will Boost Your Productivity

Melanie-Wilson-vertical-200x300Interview with Melanie Wilson.

Do you ever struggle with getting things done? Do you ever obsess over your to do list? Would you like to learn how to get more done?

In today’s podcast, Dr. Melanie Wilson of psychowith6.com shares 3 habits she learned from a year of living productively, and she also helped me with some of my own time management problems.

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13 How to Stop Being Annoyed: 12 Questions to Ask

How to Stop Being Annoyed 12 Questions to Ask

Do you have a hard time enjoying that person in your life who annoys you on a regular basis?

Would you like to forgive and forget, but you’re not sure how?

In today’s podcast, we’ll talk about how to let go of those angry feelings that fester inside of us. Continue reading

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