Christian Accountability Partners: A Beginner’s Guide

Christian Accountability PartnersDo you ever feel like you need a little help in your relationship with God? An accountability partner or group may be just the boost you need.

In this post we’ll talk about accountability: what it looks like, how to get started, and what to watch out for. Let’s begin with a definition.

What is accountability?

Accountability is a helping-each-other-out sort of relationship where we help each other achieve goals by asking the question, “Did you do what you said you would do?” Or in the case of breaking a habit–did you not do what you said you wouldn’t do?

With Christian accountability, the goals are often related to our relationship with God and others: doing something (or not doing something) so we can love God and others better. Continue reading

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How to Walk in the Spirit: 5 Practical Steps You Can Take

How to Walk in the Spirit 5 Practical Steps You Can TakeIn a previous post I compared walking in the Spirit to going on a long hike with a hiking partner who is about a million times more competent than you are.

When I wrote that post, I had just come back from a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon with my family so this experience was fresh in my mind.

Today I want to continue that post and talk about five things we can do on a practical level to help us walk in the Spirit. Continue reading

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Podcast Guest Interview: Procrastination and Productivity

UntitledLast week I was privileged to do a guest interview on the Life of a Steward Podcast.

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a long time as the host, Loren Pinilis, talks about time management — and I really need help in that area!

In the interview we discuss how to go to God for help with procrastination, productivity, and time management. Continue reading

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Online Bible Study: The Renewing of the Mind Project

Online Bible StudyHave you ever wanted to change, but you weren’t sure how?

Paul tells us in Romans 12:2 that we’re transformed by the renewing of the mind.

In this online study which begins March 2, 2015, you’ll learn how to renew your mind on a practical, day-by-day basis and what it looks like to rely on God’s strength–not your own–for something you’d like to change.

We’ll start with a small project — something you’d really like to change — and then we’ll start going to God for help with it.

Here are a few possible projects you could take on: Continue reading

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17 How to Thrive in Your Less-Than-Perfect Marriage

How to Thrive in Your Less Than Perfect MarriageMy husband and I have a less-than-perfect marriage.

This surprises me. Because I had grown up to believe that I would have the perfect romance, marry the perfect man, and then skip on to the perfect marriage with my perfect husband who would meet my every need.

After all, isn’t that what happened in all the movies?

The truth is, I had unrealistic expectations for marriage. Here’s the truth: there is no perfect marriage! Continue reading

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New Book! The Renewing of the Mind Project

The Renewing of the Mind ProjectDo you ever feel like you’ll never change?

Maybe you’ve been struggling with the same sin for years. Or you’re stuck in the grip of a negative emotion like worry, anger, or insecurity. Or you’ve been trying to start a habit–like have a daily quiet time–but it’s not happening.

We all know how hopeless that feels because we’ve all been there.

Thankfully, God has a plan. It’s in the Bible. Continue reading

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13 Questions to Ask Before You Give Advice

13 Questions to Ask Before You Give AdviceDo you ever find yourself giving too much advice? I do.

It’s one of those things I’ve wanted to change, but haven’t been able to.

So when I had to choose a renewing of the mind project to test out my new book (which will be out in January!), I decided to do a “stop giving so much advice” project.

I wrote the questions below to renew my mind with and they’ve really been helping. Continue reading

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